We are engaged in an ongoing public conversation about General Education reform at Penn State.

The process we are undertaking here is difficult, often frustrating, and sometimes messy – but that is because we are trying to engage the university community in a substantive way about an issue that is central to the educational mission about which we all care deeply.

Right now, we are in a phase in which the General Education Task Force is working to establish general principles that will inform the shape of our Fall 2014 legislative report proposing a new GenEd curriculum to the Faculty Senate.

Here are the principles upon which we have agreed thus far.

The principles phase will close on May 1st, so please be sure to post your reactions, concerns, and feedback to the blog prior to that date.

The Task Force will then analyze and digest the information gathered here and from the many deliberation exercisestown hall meetings, and conversations with students we have had across the Commonwealth.

At the next GenEd Retreat scheduled for May 15-16, 2014, the 90+ members of the GenEd Task Force will gather to discuss what we have learned thus far, and the GenEd Task Force will meet to begin crafting the shape of the proposal for the revised GenEd curriculum.

There will then be opportunities over the summer and into the fall for the University community to provide feedback on the details of the proposal.

Our hope is that as the proposal takes shape, stakeholders will be able to comment on the operational details of the proposal and we on the Task Force will be able to adjust the proposal in response to the feedback we receive.

This website accordingly will undergo iterative changes to foster further conversation and provide more functionality designed to facilitate ongoing feedback on the emerging curriculum.

Until then, however, we invite you to browse through the blog posts, search for specific terms in the search bar, navigate to categories in which you might be interested, read and comment on the March 2014 Forensic Report to the Faculty Senate, join us on Facebook and Twitter, and lend your voice to the ongoing conversation about GenEd at Penn State.

It matters.

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