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Office for General Education Integrative Studies Seed Grant Awardees


Ann Schmiedekamp — The Film Media and Extraterrestrial Life: Science Fact or Fiction?

Les Murray; Yvonne Love — Art and The Natural World


Bob Trumpbour - Art of the Cinema (CAS/Communications Summit)

Karyn McKinney Marvasti, Beth Seymour — Communicating Culture: Representations of Dominant and Marginalized Groups


John Chapin - Media and Society (CAS/Communications Summit)

Juliette Storr - Intercultural Communication (CAS/Communications Summit)


Sarah Whitney — Fashion, Identity, and Gender in America

Heather Lum, Gerald Scott Rispin — Human Factors in Design and Art

Rod Troester — CAS/Communications Summit

Sharon Dale, John Champagne — The Arts of Love

Karrie Bowen - Media and Society (CAS/Communications Summit)


Jessica Schocker, Justin De Senso — Race in the Humanities and in the Social Sciences

Jayne Park-Martinez — Scientific Controversies and Public Debate

Sandy Feinstein, Bryan Shawn Wang — From Beast Books to Dinosaurs Resurrected

Christian Weisser — Issues in Sustainability

Samantha Kavky — Psychology, Madness, and the Visual Arts

Justin De Senso — Politics of Hip Hop

Sandy Feinstein — Medievalism

Samantha Kavky — Witches and Witchcraft, From the Middle Ages to the Present

Azar Eslam-Panah, Heidi Reuter — Flow Visualization

Jennifer Hillman — Psychology in the Cinema and the Arts

Valerie Cholet — International Sport

Keysha Whitaker - Literature of Journalism (CAS/Communications Summit)


Nathaniel Bohna, Valerie Vanderhoff — Art of Science

Greater Allegheny

MaryEllen Higgins — Social Justice and the Image

MaryEllen Higgins, Veronica Montecinos — Cinema and Globalization

Katherine McLean — Criminal Justice and Public Health

Michael Vicaro - Communication Research Methods (CAS/Communications Summit)


Azamat Sakiev, Siyu Liu — Comparative Violence: Political and Criminal Perspectives

Jennifer Sliko, John Haddad — Understanding Earth: American Cultural Perspectives linked to Understanding Earth: Scientific Perspectives

Ellen Stockstill — Human Rights and the Novel: Empathy and The Imagination to be linked with PSYCH 221


Karen Stylianides, Amie Yenser, Melissa Ranalli — Biology of Exercise

Lehigh Valley

Elizabeth Flaherty — Intersections of Art and Psychology

Donna Wade — Food Psychology: Why We Eat What We Eat

Doug Hochstetler, Mary Hutchinson — Link CIVCM 211 and PHIL 003

Christopher Landino, Drew Anderson — History & Weather: How Weather Played an Instrumental Role in Great World Events

New Kensington

Donald Bruckner — Philosophy, Psychology, Happiness, and the Good Life

Allen Larson - Communication Research Methods (CAS/Communications Summit)


Stephen Couch — Media Messages

Jeffrey Stone, Michael Gallis, Nicole Andel — The Art and Science of Virtual Worlds


Tamrya d’Artenay — Human Society as A Dependent of the Environment

University Park

College of Arts and Architecture

Aaron Knochel, Cristin Millett — Art and Health

Leanna Rosas, Carlos Rosas — Revise Art 201

Sarah Rich — Art and Money

College of the Liberal Arts

Robert Schrauf — Conducting International Comparative Research

Jonathan Marks, Christopher Zorn — Interplay of Ethics, Policy, Law, and Science

Antone Aboud, John Marsh — Work and Literature

Johanna Wagner, Tim Robicheaux — Organized Crime in Film & Society

Mary Miles — The Pursuit of Happiness: Historical Literature and Modern Practice

Eberly College of Science

Benjamin Lear — When Data Meets Design

Brittany Teller — Conservation Decision-Making

College of Health and Human Development

Robert Roeser, Mark Greenberg, Gaby Winqvist — A Life Worth Living: The Theory & Practice of Human Flourishing

Kathryn Hynes, Shannon Corkery — Reading Our Lives: Understanding Diversity in Human Development Through Memoir

College of Engineering

Andrew Lau — Introduction to Sustainability

Alan Wagner — Robots and Their Role in Society

College of Education

Dana Stuchul — Food and Farms

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Karl Zimmerer — Society, Environment, and Food

Lorraine Dowler, Chris Fowler, Josh Inwood — Apocalyptic Geographies

College of Communications

Matt Jordan - Art of the Cinema (CAS/Communications Summit)

Cross-college collaboration

David Hunter, Eberly College of Science; Paula Droege, College of the Liberal Arts; Andrew Read, Eberly College of Science — On Bullshit (Identifying Bias and Falsehoods)

Gary Adler, College of the Liberal Arts; Selena Ortiz, College of Health and Human Development — Healthy People, Healthy Society

John Waters, Eberly College of Science; Joel Waters; College of Health and Human Development; Jason Laine, College of the Liberal Arts — Human Anatomy in the Context of Renaissance-Era Italy

Bradford Bouley, College of the Liberal Arts; Michael Troyan, Eberly College of Science — History of Disease and Epidemiology

Heather McCune Bruhn, College of Arts and Architecture; Maureen Feineman, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences — Rocks, Minerals, and the History of Art

James Endres Howell, Eberly College of Science; Scott Smith, College of the Liberal Arts — Success and Challenges of an Inter-domain Course: Disseminating Science in Literature

Jennifer Savage Williams, College of Health and Human Development; Ted Jaenicke, College of the Agricultural Sciences; A. Catharine Ross, College of Health and Human Development — Linking AG BM 170 to New Food for All: U.S. Nutrition Programs, Food Security, and Economics

Molly Martin, College of the Liberal Arts; Alyssa Gamaldo, College of Health and Human Development; Stephen Matthews, College of the Liberal Arts — 3-Way Course Linkage on Health Inequalities – Social, Geographic, and Ethnicity

Leana Topper, Eberly College of Science; Gus Colangelo, Smeal College of Business; Jennifer Gruber, Harrisburg — Society and Disease Management

Jenny Kenyon, College of Arts and Architecture; Jack Hietpas, Eberly College of Science; Gary Chin, College of Arts and Architecture — Introduction to Forensic Photography linked with Introduction to Forensic Science

David Stensrud, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences; Graeme Sullivan, College of Arts and Architecture — Meteorology and Visual Arts: To Know Is to See

Ryan Russell, College of Arts and Architecture, Gary Chin, College of Arts and Architecture; Henry Pisciotta, Arts and Humanities Library — Information Visualization

Alex Hristov, College of Agricultural Sciences; Ken Davis, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences; Jennifer Baka, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences — Science and Policy of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Worthington Scranton

Kelley Wagers — Communicating Care

Todd Adams, Jennifer Lubinski — Art and Philosophy in Ancient Greece

Michael Evans, Paul Frisch — Historical Perspectives on Health Care Innovations

Patrick Sellers, Margret Hatch — Evolution of Homo Sapiens


Joe Downing — Interpersonal Conflict and Negotiation

Cross-campus collaboration

Xenia Hadjioannou, Lehigh Valley; Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Penn State Libraries — Picture Books

Christian Weisser, Berks; Lynette (Kvasny) Yarger, College of Information Sciences and Technology — Digital Cultures