Office for General Education
Office for General Education


The Penn State Faculty Senate, through its Standing Committee on General Education Assessment, has been developing and implementing a process to assess General Education. We want to ensure that Penn State students are receiving a world-class education, and that our General Education program in particular is helping them build valuable skills and perspectives. Our approach includes surveys of students' perspectives on General Education, as well as collection of evidence that students are meeting the key and domain Gen Ed learning objectives. As a part of the effort, the Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research and the Office for General Education will collect direct evidence of student learning in courses that address the key learning objective "integrative thinking" during Fall 2019. Building on this effort, we will follow with targeted assessment studies of additional learning objectives in subsequent years.

General Education assessment is managed by the Office for Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research

Information for faculty requested to assess Integrative Thinking for Fall 2019
Integrative Thinking Assessment Memo and Instructions

Recording of information about assessing Integrative Thinking for Fall 2019