You are welcome to submit requests for the 2024-2025 Academic Year. Requests for FA 24 will be reviewed starting August 1, 2024, and requests for SP 25 will be reviewed starting December 1, 2024. If there are extenuating circumstances (purchase lead time, etc.) please submit a request and email

These funds are available to support innovative ideas to engage students in Penn State General Education courses.

Projects in support of the Public Writing Initiative are strongly encouraged.


  • request must be for a Faculty Senate approved General Education course.
  • funding must be used for classroom materials or activities to support learning of course and General Education objectives.

Funding prioritization:

  • faculty members who have not received support previously.
  • the potential to impact student learning and course/classroom engagement from the student perspective.
  • proposals that include cost sharing with units in addition to the Office for General Education.


  • maximum request is $500 per class/section/course per semester.
  • limited to one request per faculty member per academic year (change as of FA 23).

Items which we cannot fund:

  • computers and/or iPad/tablet type devices.
  • pay for any Penn State person (faculty, graduate student, etc.).
  • gift cards or other prizes for students.
  • faculty travel to conferences or any other activity that doesn't include students being present during the travel.
  • items that are typically course materials to be provided by students (textbooks, etc.), unless there are unique circumstances, and a rationale is provided in the application.
  • food for student consumption, unless there is specific academic rationale related to the food items.

A brief impact statement must be submitted at the end of the semester, module, or activity to summarize how student learning was impacted.

Apply Here! 
(While ALL applications must be submitted via the above link to be considered, for informational purposes here is a Word version of the application.)