The following courses have been approved by the University Faculty Senate (includes both new and recertified courses). Click on the course name to download a copy of the course proposal and syllabus.  All courses are listed alphabetically by course name.  Those with a * designation were funded by an Integrative Studies Seed Grant and more materials are available upon request (  Please also see the Undergraduate Bulletin for official lists of Inter-Domain courses.

* BBH 150N / CRIMJ 150N Safe and Sound: The Intersection of Criminal Justice and Public Health (GHW, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

* BIOET 110N Health, Illness, and the Human Condition (GH, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

* BIOET 401Q Science, Ethics, Policy, and Law (GH, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

* BIOL 60N Art in the Natural World (GN, GA) Inter-Domain (new course) 

BIOL 120N Plants, Places, and People (GN, GA) Inter-domain (recertified)

* Biol 125N Society and Disease Management (GN, GS) (new course)

BIOL 145N The Visual Body (GN, GA) (new course)

BIOL 160N / KINES 160N Fitness with Exercise Physiology (GHW, GN)  Inter-domain (new course)

* BIOL 169N / PSYCH 169N What it means to be human (GN, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

* BIOL 183Q / CMLIT 183Q From Beast Books to Resurrecting Dinosaurs (GN, GH) (new course)

* BIOL 475N Anatomy in Italy: Cadavers, Culture, and Science (GN, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

CAS 101N Introduction to Human Communications (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified course)

* CAS/ENGL/SOC 162N Communicating Care (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

CAS 170N / IST 170N What is Information (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

* CAS 232N Identity, Citizenship, and the Rhetoric of American Horror Films (GH, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

CAS 271N Intercultural Communication (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

CAS 272N Political Communication and Technology (GH, GS) (recertified course)

CHEM 233N / ENGL 233N Chemistry and Literature (GN, GH) (recertified)

* CI 304N Food, Farms & Justice: What's Education Got to Do With Them? (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

CHNS 121N Chinese Film and New Media (GA, GH) (recertified)

CMLIT 112N Introduction to Global Drama, Theatre, and Performance (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

CMLIT 191N / GAME 160N Introduction to Video Game Culture (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

CMLIT 240Q / HIST 240Q / IT 240Q / WMNST 240Q Artistic Patronage in Europe (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

*COMM 20N / SOC 20N Critical Media Literacy (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

COMM 150N The Art of the Cinema (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

* COMM 175N / PSYCH 175N Mental Illness and the Movies (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

* COMM 222N Social Justice and the Image (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

COMM 234N / IST 234N Digital Cultures (GH, GS) Inter-domain (recertified)

* COMM 290N / SOC 290N Cinema and Globalization (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* CRIM 225N / IT 225N Organized Crime in Film and Society (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

*CRIMJ 205N / EDUC 205N / SOC 205N Critical Race Theory in the Humanities and Social Sciences (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)