The following courses have been approved by the University Faculty Senate (includes both new and recertified courses). Click on the course name to download a copy of the course proposal and syllabus.  All courses are listed alphabetically by course name.  Those with a * designation were funded by an Integrative Studies Seed Grant and more materials are available upon request (  Please also see the Undergraduate Bulletin for official lists of Inter-Domain and Linked courses.

* EARTH 155N Scientific Controversies and Public Debate (GN, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

ECON 472N / HIST 402N Russian Economic History (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

EMSC 240N Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Culture (GN, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

ENGL 142N / SC 142N Science in Literature (GN, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

ENGL 163N Defining the Animal (GN, GH) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* ENGL / LER 165N Work and Literature (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* ENGL 190Q / INART 203Q Medievalism (GA, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

ENGL 208N / MUSIC 209N The Music of the Beatles and American Popular Culture (GA, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

ENGL 236N Inequality: Economics, Philosophy, Literature (GH, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

ENGL 237N Reading and Writing Documentary Poetry (GA, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

* ENGR 120N Design Thinking and 3D Printing in Engineering and Healthcare (GN, GA) Inter-domain (new course)

ENT 216N Plagues Thru the Ages (GN, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

FR 138N French Culture Through Film (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

GAME 180N The Art and Science of Virtual Worlds (GN, GS)  Inter-domain (new course)

* GD 115N Visualizing Information (GA, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

GEOG 1N Global Parks and Sustainability (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified course)

* GEOG 2N Apocalyptic Geographies: How can we prevent the end of the world? (GH, GS) (new course)

GEOG 3N Food and the Future Environment (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

GEOG 6N Maps and the Geospatial Revolution (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified course))

GEOG 30N Environment and Society in a Changing World (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified course)

GEOG 330N Political Ecology (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

GER 189N German Film (GA, GH) (recertified course)

GLIS 101N Globalization (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

GLIS 102N Global Pathways (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)