The following courses have been approved by the University Faculty Senate (includes both new and recertified courses). Click on the course name to download a copy of the course proposal and syllabus.  All courses are listed alphabetically by course name.  Those with a * designation were funded by an Integrative Studies Seed Grant and more materials are available upon request (  Please also see the Undergraduate Bulletin for official lists of Inter-Domain courses.

* HIST 6N History and Weather: How Weather Played an Instrumental Role in Great World Events (GN, GH) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* HIST 114N HIstorical Perspectives on Healthcare Innovations (GH, GS) (new course)

*HDFS 108N Art and Science of Human Flourishing (GHW, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

HDFS 175N Introduction to Youth Development and Arts-based Social Justice (GA, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

HDFS 249N Adult Development and Aging (GHW, GS)  Inter-Domain (recertified)

* HDFS 254N Reading Our Lives: Understanding Diversity and Human Development Through Memoirs (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

* HIST 125N / SC 125N History of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology (GN, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

* HHD 200N Addiction Science to Society (GN, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

HORT 150N Plants in the Human Context (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

HUM 100N Foundations in the Humanities: Understanding the Human Experience
(GA/GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

HUM 150N World Mythologies in the Arts (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

HUM 200N Explorations in the Humanities: The Quest (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

HUM 300N Interpretations in the Humanities (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

HUM 311N The Western Tradition I (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

HUM 400N Expressions in the Humanities (GA, GH)  Inter-Domain (recertified)

JAPNS 121N Japanese Film and New Media (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

*LLED 215N Children's Picture Books as Multimodal Texts (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

METEO 133N / RLST 133N  Ethics of Climate Change (GN, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)