The following courses have been approved by the University Faculty Senate (includes both new and recertified courses). Click on the course name to download a copy of the course proposal and syllabus.  All courses are listed alphabetically by course name.  Those with a * designation were funded by an Integrative Studies Seed Grant and more materials are available upon request (  Please also see the Undergraduate Bulletin for official lists of Inter-Domain and Linked courses.

Linked Courses

Inter-Domain Courses

AA 120N Introduction to Art Therapy (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

AA 193N ENGL 104N The Craft of Comics (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* AED 355Q Show Me Where it Hurts: Healthcare and Creative Inquiry (GA, GS)  Inter-Domain (new course) 

AEE 204N Science Literacy and Policy in the 21st Century (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

AFAM 105N Afro-Latin America: Race and Revolution (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

AFAM 114N Race, Gender and Sport (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

AFAM 141N / ENGL 141N / INART 141N African American Read-In Engaged Learning Experience (GA, GH) new course) 

AFAM 207N / MUSIC 207N Jazz and the African American Experience (GA, GS) Inter-Domain  (new course) 

* AFAM 226N / AMST 226N / INART 226N Critical Approaches to Hip-Hop (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

AFAM 364N / WMNST 364N Black & White Sexuality (GH, GS) Inter-doman (recertified)

AFR 202N /WMNST 202N Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Africa (GA, GS)  Inter-Domain (recertified)

AGECO 134N Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

*AMST 150N Western Pennsylvania Art, Literature, and Culture (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

*ANSC 332N / GEOG 332N / METEO 332N Science and Policy of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Management (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

ANTH 2N World Archeaology (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

ANTH 9N Rise of Civilization in the Old World (GH, GS) (recertified)

ANTH 45N Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

ANTH 45Q Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

ANTH 129N / HIST 129N / PLANT 129N Chocolate Worlds (GN, GH) Inter-Domain (new course)

ANTH 216N Sex and Evolution (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

ANTH 223N European Prehistory (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

ANTH 240N Livelihoods and Ecosystems: Anthropological Approaches to Human-Environment Interaction (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

ANTH 375N Anthropology of Food Honors Inter-Domain (new course)

APLNG 220N Multilingual Lives: Stories of Language and Culture Learning (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

* APLNG 280N Conducting International Comparative Research (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

* ART 51N / METEO 51N Meteorology and Visual Arts: To Know is to See (GN, GA) Inter-Domain (new course) 

ARTH 107N / GEOSC 107N Rocks, Minerals, and the History of Art (GN, GA) Inter-domain (new course)

* ARTH 115N / ENGL 115N Arts of Love (GA, GH) (new course)

ARTH 202N Renaissance to Modern Architecture (GA, GH) Inter-do,ain (recertified)

ARTH 224N / ENGL 224N Authors and Artists (GA, GH) INter-domain (recertified)

ARTH/ENGL/WMNST 225N Sexuality and Modern Visual Culture (GA, GH_  Inter-Domain (new course)

* ARTH 292N / HIST 292N Witches and Witchcraft from the Middle Ages to the Present (new course)

ASIA 101N Sports in Asia (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

ASIA 106N Asian Traditions of Health, Medicine, and the Body (GHW, GH)  Inter-domain (new course)

ASTRO 7N The Artistic Universe (GN, GA) Inter-Domain (new course) 

ASTRO 19N / CMLIT 19B Being in the Universe (GN, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* ASTRO 141N  / COMM 151N Film and Extraterrestrial Life: Science Fact or Fiction? (GN, GA) Inter-Domain (new course) 

AYFCE 211N / CAS 222N / CIVCM 211N Foundations: Civic and Community Engagement (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)