The following courses have been approved by the University Faculty Senate (includes both new and recertified courses). Click on the course name to download a copy of the course proposal and syllabus.  All courses are listed alphabetically by course name.  Those with a * designation were funded by an Integrative Studies Seed Grant and more materials are available upon request (  Please also see the Undergraduate Bulletin for official lists of Inter-Domain and Linked courses.

PHIL 60N Philosophy and 1960s Counterculture (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

PHIL / PSYCH / SOC 120N Knowing Right from Wrong (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* PHIL 136N Art and Philosophy in Ancient Greece (GA, GH) (new course)

* PHIL 242N Happiness and Well-Being (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* PHOTO 321N Flow Visualization: The Art and Physics of Fluid Motion (GN, GA) (new course)

PLSC 7N  Contemporary Political Ideologies (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (recertified)

PLSC 17N Introduction to Political Theory (GH, GS) (recertified)

PLSC 17W Introduction to Political Theory (GH, GS) (recertified)

PLSC 177N Politics and Government in Washington DC (GH, GS) (recertified)

PLSC 290N Comparative Violence: Political and Criminological Perspectives (GH, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

PSYCH 109N The Psychology of Artistic Creativity (GA, GS) Inter-Domain (new course) 

* SC 103N When Data Meets Design (GN, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

* SOC 208N / COMM 208N Visual Representations of the Middle East in the US and Middle East (GA, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

* STS 110N Chemistry in World Wars I and II (GN, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

SUST 150N The Science of Sustainable Development (GN, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

* SUST 242N Issues in Sustainability (GH, GS) Inter-domain (new course)

WMNST 83N First-Year Seminar in Women's Studies (GH, GS) Inter-domain (recertified)

WMNST 105N Living in a Diverse World (GH, GS) Inter-Domain (new course)

WMNST 106N Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art and Popular Cultures (GA, GH) Inter-Domain (recertified)

* WMNST 175N Fashion, Gender, and Identity (GA, GH) Inter-domain (new course)

WMNST 301N Sexualities, Gender and Power: Feminist Thought and Politics (GH, GS)  Inter-Domain (recertified)

WMNST 400N Debates in Contemporary Feminism (GH, GS) Inter-domain