The Office for General Education Is Pleased to Announce Microgrants for General Education Courses.

Note: Effective June 6, 2019, review of grant applications has been suspended until the start of the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.
Application reviews will resume on July 15, 2019.

Do you have an innovative idea to engage students in your General Education course? Want your students to attend an arts performance or visit a museum? Want to embed a hands-on project or experiment? Share your idea with us and we will help you make it happen.


  • request must be for a senate approved General Education course
  • maximum request is $500 per class
  • must be used for classroom materials or activities to support learning of course and General Education objectives
  • cost sharing is encouraged
  • a brief impact statement must be submitted at the end of the semester, module, or activity to summarize how student learning was impacted 
  • limited to one per instructor per semester

Apply Here!
(While ALL applications must be submitted via the above link to be considered, for informational purposes here is a Word version of the application.)

Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis and responses can be expected approximately 2 weeks after submission. Any instructor may apply - full-time or part-time, tenure-track or teaching-track. There are on the order of 100 microgrants available.