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Recertified General Education Courses

The following are existing General Education courses which have been recertified with the University Faculty Senate.  Cross-listed abbreviations are listed in alphabetical order:

AA 121 Design, Design Thinking, and Creativity (GA)

AEE 201 Interpersonal Skills for Tomorrow's Leaders (GS)

AFAM/ENGL 139 African American Literature (GH)

AFAM 152 / HIST 152 African American History (GH)

AFAM 364N / WMNST 364N Black & White Sexuality (GH/GS) Inter-Domain

AFR 191 / HIST 191 Early African History (GH)

AFR 202N / WMNST 202N Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Africa (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

AFR 209 / SOC 209 Poverty in Africa (GS)

AFR 335 / ARTH 335 African Art (GA)

AG 160 Introduction into Ethics and Issues in Agriculture (GH)

AGBM 101 Economic Principles of Agribusiness Decision Making (GS)

AGECO 121 Plant Stress: It's Not Easy Being Green (GN)

AGECO 122 / METEO 122 Atmospheric Environment: Growing in the Wind (GN)

AGECO 134N Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy (GN/GS) Inter-Domain

AGECO 144 Principles and Practices of Organic Agriculture (GN)

AMST 100 Introduction to American Studies (GH)

AMST 103 American Masculinities (GH)

AMST 150 / HIST 150 America in the 1960s: An Introduction (GH)

ANSC 100 Introduction to Animal Industries (GN)

ANTH 1 Understanding Humans (GS)

ANTH 2N World Archaeology (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

ANTH 8 Aztec, Inca, Maya (GS)

ANTH 9N Rise of Civilization in the Old World (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

ANTH 11 North American Archaeology (GS)

ANTH 21 Introductory Biological Anthropology (GN)

ANTH 22 Humans as Primates (GN)

ANTH 45N Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

ANTH 45Q Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective  (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

ANTH 83S First-Year Seminar in Anthropology (GS)

ANTH 120 First Farmers (GS)

ANTH 146 Indigenous North America (GS)

ANTH 216N Sex and Evolution (GN, GS) Inter-Domain

ANTH 223N European Prehistory (GH/GS) Inter-Domain

APLING 210 The Ecology of Global English (GH)

APLNG 200 Introduction to Language, Culture, and Social Interaction (GH)

ARCH 100 Architecture and Ideas (GA)

ARCH 210 Ideas Across Time in Architecture and Urbanism (GA)

ARTH 1S First-Year Seminar in Art History (GA)

ARTH 100 Introduction to Art (GA)

ARTH 111Z Ancient to Medieval Art Z (GA)

ARTH 112 Renaissance to Modern Art (GA)

ARTH 120Z Asian Art and Architecture -LINKED (GA)

ARTH 125 Islamic Architecture and Art (GA)

ARTH 130 Art of Africa, Oceana, and the Americas (GA)

ARTH 140 Introduction to the Arts and Architecture of the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas (GA)

ARTH 201 Ancient to Medieval Architecture (GA)

ARTH 202N Renaissance to Modern Architecture (GA/GH) Inter-Domain

ARTH 204 The Art of Mavel: Italy and Spain 1600 - 1750 (GA)

ARTH 215 Architecture and Art of South and Southeast Asia (GA)

ARTH 229 Chinese Art (GA) 

ARTH 225N / ENGL 225N / WMNST 225N Sexuality and Modern Visual Culture (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

ARTH 302 Pagans and Christians: Encounters in Early Medieval Art (GA)

ARTH 303 Italian Renaissance Art (GA)

ARTH 305 Romanticism and Revolution (GA)

ARTH 312 Romanesque and Gothic Art (GA)

ASIA 3 / RLST 3 Introductions to the Religions of the East (GH)

ASIA 101 What is Asia? -Linked (GH)

ASIA 104 / RLST 104 Introduction to Budhism (GH)

ASIA 120Y South Asia: A Literary History (GH)

ASIA/HIST 171 South Asia since 1500 (GH)

ASIA/HIST/JAPNS 172 Introduction to Japanese Civilization (GH)

ASIA/HIST 174 East Asia to 1800 (GH)

ASIA/HIST 175 East Asia since 1800 (GH)

ASIA/HIST 177 Rise of Modern Southeast Asia (GH)

ASIA/HIST 184 Society and Culture in the Pacific War (GH)

ASIA/HIST 188 Tibet: People, Places and Spaces (GH)

ASIA 181 / RLST 181  Introduction to the Religions of China and Japan

ASIA 200 What Are Asian Languages? (GH)

ASTRO 320 Observational Astronomy Laboratory (GN)

AYFCE 270 Consumer and Financial Skills (GS)

BA 100 Introduction to Business (GS)

BA 100S Introduction to Business (GS)

BIOET 100 / PHIL 132 Bioethics (GH)

BIOL 120N Plants, Places, and People (GN, GH) Inter-Domain

BISC 3 Environmental Science (GN)

BMB 1 The Science of Sickness (GN)

BRASS 100 Trumpet: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 101 French Horn: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 102 Trombone: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 103 Euphonium: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 104 Tuba: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 110 Trumpet: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 111 French Horn: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 112 Trombone: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 113 Euphonium: Secondary (GA)

BRASS 114 Tuba: Secondary (GA)

CAMS 1 Greek and Roman Literature (GH)

CAMS 25  Greek Civilization (GH)

CAMS 45 Classical Mythology (GH)

CAMS 45H Classical Mythology (GH)

CAMS 4 / JST 4 / RLST 4 Jewish and Christian Foundations (GH)

CAMS/HIST/JST 102 Canaan and Israel in Antiquity (GH)

CAMS/JST/RLST 120 New Testament (GH)

CAMS/JST/RLST 121 Jesus the Jew (GH)

CAMS 122 Apocalypse and Beyond (GH)

CAMS/PHIL 200 Ancient Philosophy (GH)

CAS 137H /ENGL 137H Rhetoric and Civic Life I (GWS)

CAS 138T Rhetoric and Civic Life II (GWS)

CAS 271N Intercultural Communication (GH, GS)

CAS 222N / AYFCE 211N / CIVCM 211N (Foundations: Civic and Community Engagement (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

CAS 272N Political Communication and Technology (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

CAS 303 Communication Theory (GS) (formerly CAS 202)

CED 155 Science, Technology and Public Policy (GS)

CHEM 101 Chemical Principles I (GN)

CHEM 110H Chemical Principles I - Honors (GN)

CHEM 112 Chemical Principles II (GN)

CHEM 112H Chemical Principles II - Honors (GN)

CHNS 120 Introduction to Chinese Literature and Culture (GH)

CHNS 121N Chinese  Film and New Media (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

CI 280 Introduction to Teaching English Language Learners (GH)

CMLIT 6 / PHIL 6 Literature and Philosophy (GH)

CMLIT 191N / GAME 160N Introduction to Video Game Culture (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

CMPSC 101 Introduction to Programming (GQ)

CMPSC 208 / GAME 250 Technical Game Development (GQ)

COMM 150N The Art of the Cinema (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

COMM 234N / IST 234N Digital Cultures (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

CRIMJ/HIST 159 History of the FBI (GH)

CSD 100 Preventing Vocal Abuse, Misuse, and Disorders (GHW)

DIGIT 100 Introduction to Digital Humanities (GH)

EARTH 105N Environments of Africa: Geology and Climate Change (GN, GS)

ECON 14 Principles of Economics (GS)

ECON 102 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy (GS)

ECON 104 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy (GS)

ECON 302 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (GS)

ECON 304 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (GS)

ECON 315 Labor Economics (GS)

ECON 323 Public Finance (GS)

ECON 333 International Economics (GS)

ECON 342 Industrial Organization (GS)

ENGL 2 The Great Traditions in English Literature (GH)

ENGL 50 Introduction to Creative Writing (GH)

ENGL 83S First-Year Seminar in English (GH)

ENGL 88 Australian/New Zealand Cultural Perspectives (GH)

ENGL 103 The Great Traditions in American Literature (GH)

ENGL 104 The Bible as Literature (GH)

ENGL 129 Shakespeare (GH)

ENGL 129H Shakespeare (GH)

ENGL 133 Modern American Literature to World War II (GH)

ENGL 136 The Graphic Novel (GH)

ENGL 140 Contemporary Literature (GH)

ENGL 145 Modern Irish Literature (GH)

ENGL 179 Exploring the Literature of Food: Current Trends in American Food Writing and Environmentalism (GH)

ENGL 180 Literature and the Natural World (GH)

ENGL 181A Adventure Literature: Exploring the Chesapeake Bay (GH)

ENGL 181B Adventure Literature: Exploring Cape Code (GH)

ENGL 181C The Beach: Exploring the Literature of the Atlantic Shore (GH)

ENGL 181D Adventure Literature: Exploring the Literature of American Wilderness (GH)

ENGL 182A Literature and Empire (GH)

ENGL 182C Literature and Empire (GH)

ENGL 191 Science Fiction (GH)

ENGL 194 / WMNST 194 Women Writers (GH)

ENGL 201 What is Literature (GH)

ENGL 201H What is Literature (GH)

ENGL 221 British Literature to 1798 (GH)

ENGL 222 British Literature from 1798 (GH)

ENGL 222W British Literature from 198 (GH)

ENGL/WMNST 227 Introduction to Queer Theory (GH)

ENGL 228 Introduction to Disability Studies in the Humanities (GH)

ENGL 231 American Literature to 1865 (GH)

ENGL 232 American Literature from 1865 (GH)

ENGL/CHEM 233N Chemistry and Literature (GN, GH) Inter-Domain

ENGL 234 Sports, Ethics, and Literature (GH)

ENGL/WMNST 245 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies (GH)

ENGL 262 Reading Fiction (GH)

ENGL 263 Reading Poetry (GH)

ENGL 265 Reading Nonfiction (GH)

ENGL 268 Reading Drama (GH)

ESL 15 ESL Composition for American Academic Communication  II (GWS)

FDSC/STS 105 Food Facts and Fads (GHW)

FR 138N French Culture Through Film (GA,GH) Inter-Domain 

GAME 220 Introduction to Game Design (GA)

GAME 251 2D Game Programming (GQ)

GD 115N 

GEOG 1N Global Parks and Sustainability (GN, GS) Inter-Domain

GEOG 30N Environment and Society in a Changing World (GN, GS) Inter-Domain

GEOSC 40 The Sea Around Us (GN)

GER 143 / RUS 143 The Culture of Stalinism and Nazism (GH)

GER 189 German Film (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

GLIS 101N Globalization (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

GLIS 102N Gobal Pathways (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

HDFS 249N Adult Development and Aging (GHW, GS) Inter-Domain

HIST 10 World History to 1500 (GH)

HIST 11 World History since 1500 (GH)

HIST 12 History of Pennsylvania (GH)

HIST 20 American Civilization to 1877 (GH)

HIST 21 American Civilization Since 1877 (GH)

HIST 103 The History of Madness, Mental Illness, and Psychiatry (GH)

HIST 110 Introduction to Global Environmental History (GH)

HIST 107 / MEDVL 107 Medieval Europe (GH)

HIST 111 Introduction to U.S. Food History (GH)

HIST/JST/RLST 115 The American Jewish Experience (GH)

HIST 117 Women in United States History (GH)

HIST 122 History of Science I (GH)

HIST 123 History of Science II (GH)

HIST 130 Introduction to the Civil War Era, 1848 through 1877 (GH)

HIST 140 / JST 140 The History of the Israel-Palestine Conflict (1917-Present) (GH)

HIST 141 Medieval and Modern Russia (GH)

HIST 153 Native American History (GH)

HIST 174 Vietnam in War and Peace (GH)

HIST 179 Latin-American History Since 1920 (GH)

HIST 181 Introduction to the Middle East (GH)

HIST 181H Introduction to the Middle East Honors (GH)

HM 250 Operations Management in Hospitality (GQ)

HORT 101 Horticultural Science (GN)

HORT 150N Plans in the Human Context (GN, GS) Inter-Domain

HPA 57 Consumer Choices in Health Care (GHW)

HUM 100N Foundations in the Humanities: Understanding the Human Experience (GA, GH)  Inter-Domain

HUM 150N World Mythologies in the Arts (GA, GS) Inter-Domain

HUM 200N Explorations in the Humanities: The Quest (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

HUM 311N The Western Tradition I (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

HUM 400N Expressions in the Humanities (GA,GH) Inter-Domain

INART 258A Fundamentals of Digital Audio (GA)

INART 258B Fundamentals of Digital Audio (GA)

INTAG 100 Introduction to International Agriculture (GS)

IT 130 Italian Culture and Civiliation (GH)

JAPNS 120 Japanese Literature in its Cultural Context (GH)

JAPNS 101N Japanese Film and New Media (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

JST/RLST 114 Modern Judaism (GH)

JST 135 / PHIL 135 / RLST 135 Ethics in Jewish Tradition and Thought (GH)

KEYBD 100 Piano: Secondary (GA)

KEYBD 110 Piano: Secondary (GA)

KINES 6 Cycle Conditioning (GHW)

KINES 25 Introduction to Court Sports (GHW)

KINES 44 Racquetball I (GHW)

KINES 46 Squash I (GHW)

KINES 48 Tennis I (GHW)

KINES 65 Lifetime Jogging (GHW)

KINES 81 Wellness Therapy (GHW)

KINES 83 Exercise for Stress Management (GHW)

KINES 90A Introduction to Team Sports - Volleyball (GHW)

KINES 90B Introduction to Team Sports - Basketball (GHW)

KINES 90C Introduction to Team Sports - Team Handball (GHW)

LARCH 60 Cultural History of Designed Places (GA)

LDT 100 World Technologies and Learning (GS)

LER 83S First-Year Seminar n Labor and Human Resources (GS)

LER 100 Introduction to Labor and Human Resources (GS)

LER 201 Employment Relationship: Law and Policy (GH)

LING 1 The Study of Language (GS)

LING 100 Foundations of Linguistics (GS)

LTNST/SPAN 315 Spanish and Spanish-speakers in the US (GH)

MATH 33 Mathematics for Sustainability (GQ)

MATH 34 The Mathematics of Money (GQ)

MATH 36 Insights Into Mathematics (GQ)

MATH 37 Finite Mathematics (GQ)

MATH 110 Techniques of Calculus I (GQ)

MATH 140 Calculus With Analytic Geometry I (GQ)

MATH 140B Calculus and Biology I (GQ)

MATH 140E Calculus with Engineering Applications I (GQ)

MATH 140G Calculus with Earth and Mineral Sciences Applications (GQ)

MATH 140H Honors Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (GQ)

MATH 141 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (GQ)

MATH 141B Calculus and Biology II (GQ)

MATH 141E Calculus with Engineering Applications II (GQ)

MATH 141G Calculus with Earth and Mineral Sciences Applications II (GQ)

MATH 141H Honors Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (GQ)

MATH 200 Problem Solving in Mathematics (GQ)

MATH 201 Problem Solving in Mathematics II (GQ)

MATH 220 Matrices (GQ)

MATH 220H Honors Matrices (GQ)

METEO 4 Weather and Risk (GN)

METEO 5 Severe and Unusual Weather (GN)

MUSIC 5 An Introduction to Western Music (GA)

MUSIC 7 Evolution of Jazz (GA)

MUSIC 11 Under the Hood: How Classical Music Works (GA)

MUSIC 261 Survey of Music History I (GA)

MUSIC 262 Survey of Music History II (GA)

NURS 203 First Aid and CPR (GHW)

NURS 407 Drugs of Abuse and Mental Health Issues (GHW)

OLEAD 100 Introduction to Leadership (GS)

PERCN 100 Percussion: Secondary (GA)

PERCN 110 Percussion: Secondary (GA)

PHIL 1 The Big Questions (GH)

PHIL 1H The Big Questions -Honors (GH)

PHIL 2 Individuals in Society (GH)

PHIL 3 The Ethical Life (GH)

PHIL 4 The Human Condition (GH)

PHIL 5 Film and Philopsophy (GH)

PHIL 7 Asian Philosophy (GH)

PHIL/WMNST 8 Gender Matters (GH)

PHIL 9 Race, Racisim, and Diversity (GH)

PHIL 10 Critical Thinking (GH)

PHIL 11 Science and Truth (GH)

PHIL 12 Symbolic Logic (GQ)

PHIL 13 Nature and Environment (GH)

PHIL 14H Love and Sex-Honors (GH)

PHIL 83 First-Year Seminar in Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 102 Existentialism (GH)

PHIL 103H Honors Ethics (GH)

PHIL 103W Ethics (GH)

PHIL 105 Philosophy of Law (GH)

PHIL 105H Honors Philosophy of Law (GH)

PHIL 106 Business Ethics (GH)

PHIL 107 Philosophy of Technology (GH)

PHIL 108 Social and Political Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 108H Honors Social and Political Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 108W Social and Political Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 109 Aesthetics (GH)

PHIL 110 Philosophy of Science (GH)

PHIL 113 Philosophy of Literature (GH)

PHIL 115 Philosophy of Education (GH)

PHIL 118 Environmental Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 122 Philosophy of History (GH)

PHIL 123 Media Ethics (GH)

PHIL 124 Philosophy of Religion (GH)

PHIL 125 Theories of Knowledge (GH)

PHIL 125W Theories of Knowledge (GH)

PHIL 126 Metaphysics (GH)

PHIL 126W Metaphysics (GH)

PHIL 127 Philosophy of Mind (GH)

PHIL 129 Philosophy of Language (GH)

PHIL 201 Medieval Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 202 Modern Philosophy: 1600-1800 (GH)

PHIL 203 Nineteenth Century Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 204 Twentieth Century Philosophy (GH)

PHIL 205 American Philosophy: 1840-Present (GH)

PHIL 208 Contemporary Philosophy (GH)

PHYS 1 The Science of Physics (GN)

PHYS 10 Physics Behind the Headlines (GN)

PHYS 150 Technical Physics I (GN)

PHYS 151 Technical Physics II (GN)

PHYS 211 General Physics: Mechanics (GN)

PHYS 211H General Physics: Mechanics (GN)

PHYS 212 General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (GN)

PHYS 212H General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (GN)

PHYS 213 General Physics: Fluids and Thermal Physics (GN)

PHYS 214 General Physics: Wave Motion and Quantum Physics (GN)

PHYS 250 Introductory Physics I (GN)

PHYS 251 Introductory Physics II (GN)

PLANT 220 Gardening for Fun and Profit (GN)

PLSC 1 American Politics: Principles, Processes and Powers (GS)

PLSC 7N Contemporary Political Ideologies (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

PLSC 10 Scientific Study of Politics (GS)

PLSC 17N Introduction to Political Theory (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

PLSC 17W Introduction to Political Theory (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

PLSC 177N Politics and Government in Washington DC (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

PPEM 120 The Fungal Jungle: A Mycological Safari From Truffles to Slime Molds (GN)

PPEM 300 Horticultural Crop Diseases (GN)

PSYCH 83S First-Year Seminar in Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 100 Introductory Psychology (GQ)

PSYCH 200 Elementary Statistics in Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 212 Introduction to Developmental Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 221 Introduction to Social Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 231 Introduction to the Psychology of Gender (GS)

PSYCH 232 Cross-Cultural Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 238 Introduction to Personality Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 253 Introduction to Psychology of Perception (GS)

PSYCH 256 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (GS)

PSYCH 261 Introduction to Psychology of Learning (GS)

PSYCH 281 Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology (GS)

RHS 100 Introduction to Disability Culture (GS)

RLST/ASIA 103 Introduction to Hinduism (GH)

RUS 100  Russian Culture and Civilization (GH)

SOC 3H Honors Introduction to Social Psychology (GS)

SOC 30 Sociology of the Family (GS)

SOILS 71 Environmental Sustainability (GN)

SOILS 101 Introductory Soil Science (GN)

SPAN 131 Ibero-American Civilization (GH)

STRNG 100 Violin: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 101 Viola: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 102 Violoncello: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 103 Double Bass: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 110 Violin: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 111 Viola: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 112 Violoncello: Secondary (GA)

STRNG 113 Double Bass: Secondary (GA)

VOICE 100 Voice: Secondary (GA)

VOICE 110 Voice: Secondary (GA)

WMNST 83N First-Year Seminar in Women's Studies (GH)

WMNST 100 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (GS)

WMNST 100U Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (GH, GS) Inter-domain

WMNST 105 Living in a Diverse World (GH, GS) Inter-Domain

WMNST 106N Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art and Popular Cultures (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

WMNST 106Q Repesenting Women and Gender in Literature, Art and Popular Cultures (GA, GH) Inter-Domain

WMNST 200 Global Feminisms (GS)

WMNST 301N Sexualities, Gender and Power: Feminist Thought and Politics (GH, GS)  Inter-Domain

WWNDS 100 Flute: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 101 Oboe: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 102 Clarinet: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 103 Bassoon: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 104 Saxophone: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 110 Flute: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 111 Oboe: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 112 Clarinet: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 113 Bassoon: Secondary (GA)

WWNDS 114 Saxophone: Secondary (GA)